What Is CO-OP

River of Life Academy’s co-op is parent-led; a CO-OPerative effort by everyone involved to offer enrichment classes to all of our students. It takes a strong commitment on your part to join our co-op. Every parent is required to volunteer as either a helper or teacher in order for your students to participate in any classes we offer. The classes we are able to offer depend completely on what the parents are willing to teach. Examples of past classes include Ballet, Karate, STEM, Munchable Math, Spanish, Digital Photography, Volleyball, Medieval Times and so much more.  Class offerings change with each semester, depending on what our parents would like to teach.


Classes are held at River of Life Church in Oviedo for 8 weeks in the Fall and 8 weeks in the Spring. We meet on Friday mornings during the semester. We offer a Chapel class to begin our day, which is led by our children’s pastor, Michael Lenahan for PreK-5th, and one of our Ministry Associates, Ashley Krummenacker, for our 6th-12th graders. Elementary Chapel is complete with an engaging Bible lesson, worship, games and more. We then break up into classes based on grade level. Middle/High School Chapel has age appropriate games, worship and devotions as well. Our classes are one hour long, and at this time we offer two hours of classes to choose from. We ask that any family joining to sign up for both hours of classes to help with organization.


Our co-op is only open to current members of River of Life Academy. You must be a member of our group or our umbrella in order for your family to join co-op. Every member of ROLA is not a part of our co-op; it is up to each family if they’d like to join or not. There is a $15 family fee each semester of co-op. This covers our facility usage and more. Registration for Spring 2018 Co-op will be open to current co-op members in the Fall. It will then open to registered families within the academy. After your family fee, each class is $5 for the entire semester. This $5 is given to the teachers as their budget for the semester. Our teachers are not paid above this budget, it is a volunteer role.

In addition to serving as either a helper or teacher during the entire semester, parents are also put on our backup helper rotation as well as our cleaning schedule. Each of us are to make sure our assigned area of the church is clean before leaving for the day. With everyone involved, cleaning should take a maximum of 10 minutes after class each Friday. You should only need to serve once the entire semester for our back up helper rotation, but we do ask that you be available to serve both hours of co-op on your scheduled day. Days that you are not scheduled on the rotation, you are only required to serve the one hour.

Once you’ve become a member of River of Life Academy, you can email Amanda at to see if we have spots in our co-op for your students. Please include your student grades as well as any babies, toddlers, or preschoolers you may have. We do have limited availability, and it is first come first served. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


River of Life Academy is a faith-based group. All of our co-op classes are taught from a Christian perspective. Your students may read the Bible and pray in any of their classes. This will not apply to some classes, but there are some that you can expect this each Friday. We are representatives of Christ not only in our homes, at events, and elsewhere; but also at Co-op. All parents will be held to Christ-like standards in and out of the classroom and expected to represent Christ in their tones, words, and actions with students as well as other parents while on campus, and at all other events and activities as well. Any parent who does not follow this rule, will not be allowed to participate in our co-op.


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